How Employers Can Help Prevent Workplace Accidents


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It is the responsibility of employers to do everything they can to prevent workplace accidents. Simply put, workers should never be the victims of on-the-job accidents and injuries that their employer could have prevented. Unfortunately, many companies do not take all the necessary steps to keep their employees safe on the job, which leads to workers suffering catastrophic injuries and, in some cases, losing their lives in workplace accidents.

Tips for Preventing On-the-Job Accidents and Injuries

A few ways that employers can prevent workplace accidents or at least lessen severity of on-the-job injuries include:
  • Making sure there are first aid kits available throughout the work site and having the first aid kits regularly serviced by qualified vendors.
  • Ensuring the there are enough smoke detectors and fire extinguishers at the facility and that they are all in proper working order.
  • Keeping walkways clear of debris and other trip and fall and slip and fall hazards, including bunched up rugs, ice on outdoor walkways and spills.
  • Properly maintaining the job site, including fixing faulty wiring, dangerous stairways, loose railings and other safety hazards.
At Cramer & Martinez, LLP, workers' rights always come first. We are dedicated to securing justice for our clients, including holding negligent employers or third parties accountable for injuring them and recovering financial help for medical expenses, loss of income and rehabilitation costs.

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