How Do I Return to Work After an Injury?


Photo of a Woman Returning to Work After an Injury Many individuals want to return to work after being injured because they enjoy the work they do what they love. Others want to return to work because they’re seeking higher wages than provided by workers compensation. Going back to work after a workplace accident is a process that includes your physician, employer, and claims administrator. It’s important that you receive approval from these parties to return to work promptly and safely.

What Determines My Ability to Work Again?

It’s important to open lines of communication with the parties stated above for returning to work. Close contact throughout the proceedings will help you to get back to work quicker and easier. You must relay detailed information about the following to doctors, claims officials, and your employer:
  • The workload you had before your injury
  • Your medical condition and what work is possible now
  • The type of work your employer can make available to you per your medical condition

When I Return to Work, What Can I Do?

Your doctor will report to the claims administrator to determine if it’s safe for you to return to work. It may be possible for you to return to work while you’re recovering. During your recovery, the doctor’s the must report the following to your claims official:
  • Comprehensive and specific instructions on your limitations. These work restrictions protect you from further injury.
  • What kind of amendments to your work schedule, environment, equipment and assignments to assist you while recovering.
If your doctor approves your return to work with restrictions, it’s up to your employer to provide a safe environment where those restrictions can be accommodated.They can provide you with a modified or alternative work. These types of work have to be at least 12 months and provide you with 85 percent of your previous wages. If your employer cannot provide those accommodations, you may not be able to return to work.

Have You Been Injured at Your Workplace?

You may need legal action with helping you receive compensation for a workplace accident. Contact the workers’ compensation lawyers at Cramer & Martinez, LLP. They may be able to help you receive the proper compensation.

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