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Our permanent disability attorneys will take care of you and your family if you have been injured in a tragic accident that resulted in permanent disability. It is important you speak with our permanent disability attorneys to help you with your claim. It can be difficult to receive compensation for permanent disability from your workers' compensation. We have years of experience in protecting victims and families of accidents that result in permanent disability.Permanent DisabilityA legal term that describes a permanent restriction determined by a doctor that renders you unable to working at your current job. Our permanent disability attorneys are experienced in non-workplace accident cases and workers' compensation injuries.Protecting Your RightsInsurance companies will always challenge your permanent disability determinations. If a doctor determines you are at proper health, an insurance company may not continue to pay you medical bills or benefits. Our permanent disability attorneys understand the stress and burdens you may face, and we are here every step of the way.If you have suffered a major accident or injury that has rendered you physically not able to work, it's important to speak with an experienced attorney who will look after your claim. With a permanent disability attorney, you will have more leverage to pursue your case and recover permanent disability compensation. Cramer & Martinez, LLP is a permanent disability law firm, you can contact us at (408) 848-1113

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