Soledad Injured Workers Lawyers

Soledad Injured Workers Lawyers


Our Soledad injured workers lawyers understand that a workplace accident can create catastrophic changes to your family. We know that workers’ compensation benefits often needs to go farther than medical bills and lost wages. It needs to cover difference in wages and rehabilitation.

When you turn to Robbins, Strunk & Cramer, you can be certain we will help you through the whole process. We have over 30 combined years of experience helping with work injury cases. We handle cases from bumps and bruises all the way to permanent injuries. We can help everyone from construction workers to office workers.

The Soledad injured workers lawyers from Robbins, Strunk & Cramer make sure the insurance company gives you the compensation you deserve. When seeking worker’s compensation, many are concerned with the impact the claim will have at your job.

Third Party Liability Claims

If an accident involved a third party, you may be able to seek compensation from the negligent party. If you have any questions or concerns contact one of our Soledad injured workers lawyers at (408) 848-1113 for a consultation.

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