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Debra, thank you for all your help! You were wonderful, thank you.

A. Splees –

2 25 May 2012
To: Those seeking professional, legal services.
From: Don Branscombe

Prior to asking the law firm of Cramer & Martinez, LLP of Gilroy, California to take my case, I had no experience with this type of complex legal situation. They sorted through all my information and explained which approach and options were available to me.

We agreed, and they took the case. They were persistent in getting the insurance company to pay attention to my concerns and responding to my physical pain. After much hard work on their part, I was then able to get medical attention started. When the insurance companies dragged their own feet, Cramer & Martinez, LLP advised the companies of the insurance company lax responses. Every step of the case was followed through completely with real time feedback to me advising the exact status of the case. Trips were made to San Jose Court System, by me and my attorneys. Both Richard and Debra were always present with all proper and necessary materials/information.

Their legal knowledge of specific areas of concern and practice coupled with their analytical capabilities brought all salient factors to the table for judgment and action.

Their ability to communicate with all legal parties and keeping me posted and updated was very helpful and reassuring.

Richard and Debra were always on top of all actions and parties in the extensive loop. This was class service in every phase of the legal process ( see attached example email updates from Debra ).

I would recommend the law firm of Cramer & Martinez, LLP to anyone seeking professional legal assistance.

Respectfully submitted,
Donald C. Branscombe –

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