4 Tips to Help You with Your Worker’s Comp Claim


We explain third-party lawsuits and work accidents. When you’re injured at work, it can be hard to make ends meet while you recover. In addition, simple mistakes could be detrimental to your worker’s compensation claim and you could miss out on additional coverage to help pay for your injuries. Understand your legal rights and responsibilities when at the workplace so you can file a compelling case against your employer. Additionally, get in contact with an experienced worker’s compensation attorney that can offer legal guidance for your case. Here are some tips to avoid making mistakes on your worker's comp claim.

  1. Immediately Report Your Injury
The first thing you should do after a work injury is immediately report the injury to your employer. The state of California requires workers to give notice of their injuries within 30 days that you became aware of the injury. If you miss this deadline, you might lose your right to collect workers’ comp benefits in California.
  1. Get Medical Treatment
You need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after your injury. Some severe injuries sustained at work could be fatal. Receiving medical care also serves as a means to document and collect medical evidence for your workers’ comp claim. Medical records will document your accident and describe your injuries.
  1. Change Doctors
There may be a potential conflict of interest if you are required to meet with the insurance company’s doctor. You might not receive treatment with your best interest in mind, since the doctor is paid by the insurance company. Get a second opinion by switching doctors to ensure you’re receiving the appropriate treatment for your injury.
  1. Understand Your Benefits
Injured workers need to understand the benefits available to them through workers’ comp. The following benefits are available:
  • Temporary disability benefits;
  • Paid time off while you recover from your injury;
  • Compensation for physical impairments caused by the injury
  • Medical treatment: reasonable and necessary medical care for your injuries
Need help filing for worker’s comp and are afraid you’re making a few detrimental mistakes? Don’t leave your benefits up to chance. Call the attorneys at Cramer & Martinez, LLP. We’ll help explain the worker’s comp system to you and discuss your legal options for receiving compensation for your injuries. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

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