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In California workplaces, repetitive stress, broken bones or fractures, work-related illness, heavy-lifting injuries and job site accidents are not uncommon. Unfortunately, when you suffer from an injury like this, there are regulations in place that can slow down your recovery. These regulations can prevent you from suing your employer. As a result, you could have a legitimate claim that has been denied. However, you do not need to navigate confusing litigation alone. By hiring an experienced workers' comp attorney, you may be able to identify other responsible parties and seek additional recovery.

With over 20 years of experience representing injured workers, our workers' compensation attorneys know the law. We realize that navigating the workers' compensation process can often feel confusing, intimidating and emotionally overwhelming. At Cramer & Martinez, LLP (Formerly Robbins, Strunk & Cramer), we work with our clients by providing exceptional legal representation. Our law firm always strives to provide outstanding personal support at every phase of your case. We are dedicated to recovering benefit payments and other compensation in the most direct, timely and effective way possible.

What Is Workers Compensation

If you have suffered a work-related injury or illness, then your employer is usually required to pay for your workplace accident. In California, workers' compensation is a state-run program requiring employers to carry an insurance policy that covers employees for accidental work-related injuries. The injury or illness can be related to a single event or repeated on-the-job exposure. Regardless, the key is that the injury or illness was a specific result of your job.

It is important to discuss your particular case with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer in an area near you. By hiring a professional who works locally, you may increase the chance of receiving fair compensation. Workers' comp claims can be complex and technical, so it is beneficial to have a qualified attorney represent your interests.

We who understand California workers' compensation law and the workplace hazards of South County occupations and industries. At Cramer & Martinez, LLP, our workers' compensation attorneys are ready to help. We have experience with these types of claims, you can be confident that we can protect your rights every step of the way. We can plan strategy, represent you at hearings and appeals, advise you of additional claims, and manage deadlines. We will fight to make sure you will not miss out on any benefits you deserve.

Why Do I Need a Workers Comp Attorney

Workers' compensation insurance allows you to collect benefits after a work accident, regardless of fault. However, this does not mean that the claims process is simple or that your benefits are guaranteed. Employers may refuse to pay your benefits in certain situations or may minimize your settlement. If your injury is unrelated to work or happened due to a safety rule violation, then the claim may be challenged. Additionally, your employer and/or the insurance company may refuse your recovery if the amount of benefits you claim exceeds a context-sensitive amount. Finally, your employer may refuse benefits if you do not fulfill employee filings and other notice requirements.

Strong, effective advocacy from an experienced attorney is necessary to prevail against employer defenses and challenges to your claim. Our lawyers for workers' compensation can you help navigate:

  • Serious and Willful Misconduct: If your employer is willfully negligent in regards to your safety, then you may be eligible to recover damages. These claims are often extremely difficult to prove and require experienced legal assistance and investigation.
  • Workers Compensation Discrimination/Retaliation/132a Petitions: Your employer is prohibited from unlawfully discriminating against or discharging you due to an injury. Even if you have only expressed intent to file a claim, your employer may unlawfully take action against you. Our workers' comp attorney can aggressively defend you in this situation. Your employer may face stiff penalties including statutory fines, back wages and benefits, or even reinstatement. However, these cases are challenging to prove without the help of highly-qualified and experienced workers' compensation lawyers.
  • California Laws and State Disability: Laws frequently change and many regulations overlap. We can help you use these resources to fight for rightful compensation.

Hurt on Job Our Gilroy Workers Comp Attorney Can Help

Is your employer challenging your claim Do you need help identifying if any other party contributed to your injury Otherwise, are you facing discrimination or an unsatisfactory settlement You do not need to be afraid about your future. Using every resource available, we will investigate the details of your case and fight for your recovery through compensation. Our attorneys for workers' compensation will guide you through the claims process at every step.

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury, then it is crucial to take timely and proper action. Call us today at (408) 848-1113 or contact us through our online form. With a free initial consultation, we can let you know if we can help at no cost. A California workers' comp attorney is ready to discuss your rights, responsibilities and the recovery you deserve.

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